Connecting with the Community

My contribution to Gwinnett County and the public in this great State of Georgia goes beyond the legal profession to my observance of civic and professional responsibility in building better communities through Churches, non-Bar service organizations, volunteer activities, etc., civic and cultural organizations.

In observing the value of caring for our communities, I maintain communication beyond the courtroom to engage leaders and residents of our communities. This openness fosters good relations and a more clear understanding of how our roles impact the community. As a Judge ensuring the observance of Due Process function, protection of individual rights, crime control function, punishment and removal of criminals, rehabilitation function, treatment for offenders, bureaucratic function with speed and efficiency is paramount.

Community engagement is essential because it is primarily part of a dialogue where public officials and communities can make decisions to create a social balance that enriches the lives and liveability of communities, help shape and envision a community’s future, and brings more comprehensive societal improvement.

Inviting diverse, marginalized, or overlooked voices of people who are not actively empowered within their community to participate in dialogue, I have learned an immense amount about how my rulings affect the everyday lives of fellow residents in Gwinnett County. 

I believe that crime prevention is essential to our County, and to that end, meaningful, inclusive community engagement is critical to community well-being.

Community awareness and engagement ensure that community members feel that they can contribute meaningfully to social activities and develop functional capabilities to participate fully.

My family and I worship at W.R. Cannon United Methodist Church, where I serve several leadership positions where I am engaged in small groups to serve our communities and strengthen myself.  Our outreach offers food, clothing, and monetary support to individuals in need.