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As the COVID-19 pandemic made social distancing the norm across the country, much of civic life—from political campaigning to voter registration drives—has shifted to virtual environments. This renewed emphasis on online civic spaces could increase engagement among people. 

Using virtual mechanisms, I am offering ways to connect citizens and leaders to create a greater sense of public responsiveness and accountability. We are enabling people to access information and social networks on the go; this technology speeds up the news cycle and places a higher premium on electronic resources. This includes information from policy briefs and videos to online advertisements.

I invite you to connect with me from all over Gwinnett County. Gwinnett County continues to grow with a current estimated population of  962,989 and a growth rate of 0.93% in the past year, and it is the 3rd largest county in the State of Georgia. Let’s talk about ways to ensure Gwinnett is welcoming and safe for ALL

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