Dispensation of the Law

Justice means a constant and perpetual disposition to render every man the exact measure of his dues, placing all men on a plane of equality and equitability, which governs the distribution of rewards and punishments. 

The Superior Court handles serious crimes (felonies), civil disputes, real estate matters, and family and domestic relations issues.

The character trait of judicial temperament encompasses applying the law to the facts and understanding how a judicial decision will impact the human beings appearing before the court, which I have demonstrated proficiently for over twenty-three years.

In the pursuit of the execution of my responsibilities as a Judge, I have communicated with counsel, jurors, witnesses, and parties respectfully, calmly, and courteously. I exhibit the willingness to listen to and consider what is said on all sides of a debatable proposition before making a decision.

My patience, open-mindedness, kindness, tact, courage, punctuality, firmness, understanding, compassion, humility, and common sense are consistent traits exhibited in my administration of justice.  

Those of us who already hold a judgeship know that high qualities must be consistently practiced toward all the court’s “stakeholders” interacting with the judge. We understand that regardless of station in life, profession, type of case, representation by counsel, or lack thereof each person be acknowledged with principle and respect.

In instances of challenge, I have exercised forbearance in dealing with others with sensitivity, without bias, and with no undue difficulty or stress.  The latter tests the public trust, with its business mainly conducted in full view, and that criticism and scrutiny which are inherent in the position entrusted to me.  

I am enthusiastic about continuing my work in the Gwinnett County Superior Court to influence the reduction of recidivism, especially among our younger population, by supporting appropriate rehabilitation programs that better prepare those who have paid their debt to society to re-enter the community successfully. 

As Superior Court Judge, I will continue being tough on crime when the circumstances warrant. Solving the root causes of repeat offenders’ problems means fewer people in jail and a safer community overall. This allows individuals to get the help they need and benefits our community as a whole by preventing continued arrests and confinement of persons restored, saving taxpayers money.